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Tribalscale launches $100M Venture Studios Program to Co-Create AI and Blockchain Startups

A new model for powering corporate innovation labs - Tribalscale will connect entrepreneurs from Fortune 500 companies from Fortune 500 companies in 4 verticals to start: Financial Services, Automotive, Media, Travel & Hospitality. They're currently looking for applications from entrepreneurs with idea or seed stage startups. Companies that are selected in AI, Voice, or Blockchain, will be provided a target of $500,000 in cash and in-kind services with potential for more assistance from Tribalescales network of investors.

Tribalscale is an innovation firm that specializes in digital product strategy, design and develop. Trying to assess Tribalscales credibility? Companies like Vouchr, Worktango, and AskTheDoctor actively use Tribalscales platform.

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