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Cantech Investment Conference on AI, Blockchain, Robotics, AR/VR

Incredible helping open the Toronto Stock Exchange this morning at the #CantechConf alongside renowned leaders in AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Robotics as well as Investors, and major Incumbents. 

It is no secret that technology like Blockchain and AI will revolutionize our economy in the coming years. However, it was refreshing to hear leaders not only discuss the potential of these technologies but rather shift away from 'the art of the possible' to 'the art of the realistic'. 

We are well on our way to singularity, however, the technology is from what we imagine it to be now - autonomous vehicles exist, yes, however still require a human to be behind the wheel and take control at a seconds notice. AI is smart, yes, but it is not smart enough to think for itself. For example, if we show a child a picture of a cat, the child seeing a cat on the street (similar in nature) can identify it as a cat. If we show a computer a picture of cat, it won't be able to do the same. If we show 1000 pictures of a cat, the likelihood of identification goes up marginally. 

We are definitely on an exponential track to reach our desired state, however, we need to be mindful of the limitations such that we can address them in our thinking, research, and development.


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